We are pleased to inform you that we are still running bushcraft courses here in Spain.

We have however moved to a new base in Facinas and our new website is:

Almeria Bushcraft was founded by Neil Hill. Neil has over 20 years experience working, studying and teaching courses on bushcraft and survival. Initially he trained as a wildlife biologist, completing his Masters degree in ecology, after which he worked with rare species throughout Europe. In the last ten years he has studied with some of the worlds top wilderness and bushcraft instructors, learning much about how ‘First Nations people survive in the wild.

Neil’s bushcraft companies have specialised in teaching varied client groups. These have included, adults, families, children, corporate training and school groups. More recently he has been working with children and adults with learning difficulties, mental health problems and addictions issues. Here his patient teaching methods have helped instill a sense of achievement and purpose to these people. Neil’s detailed knowledge of plants and animals and his great love of the outdoors and wilderness areas are central to his bushcraft courses.

He endeavors to instill in his clients an understanding of the world around us and how we can interact with it and learn from it. All of the courses are based around the clients being involved with hands on experience of bushcraft activities in a fun and rewarding way. Almeria Bushcraft is based near Tabernas in Spain specializing in bushcraft and nature awareness in desert and mountain situations.

For further details or queries, please contact us on:

Telephone:   0034 – 677 31 64 68


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